Pricing FAQ

Is the eStation Player with Content Network really free?

For broadcasters, yes it is. We believe that every Christian broadcaster should have access to our player and content to deliver audio to desktop, mobile, streaming media devices, and car.

Is there a cost for Journity?

Journity is an optional service. When purchased, you get full access to all eStation features, full-service hosting, streaming, player and content for free at all levels. Pricing is based on average number of unique website visitors per website per month. You can use Journity's tools inside your eStation player only, on your website only, or both. The pricing calculation is the same.

What if I go over my bandwidth or storage allowance?

In the event your platform is wildly successful, overages let you to continue to use the platform and all features, even if you go over your allowance - we’ll just bill you for the extra at the end of the month.

The bandwidth and storage overage rate is $0.50/GB for all levels of service.

How are file encoding minutes calculated?

We offer encoding as an optional service for only a penny above our cost. Glorystone provides built-in support to cover most devices and connection speeds by offering automatic high quality encoding in 5 different formats.

You pay only for the actual output duration of the videos you have us encode. This means that if you send us a 60 second video, you'll be charged for 5 (5) and one-quarter (1/4) minutes of output video, 4 video profiles and 1 audio profile. HD minutes (output frame size of 1280x720 or bigger) count as 2 regular minutes. Audio-only minutes (audio to audio, or video to audio) count as 1/4 regular minutes.

There is no cap on the number of minutes of video you can encode and there are never any overage charges.

How does your monthly billing work?

Billing for all paid levels of service begins on the day that you activate your account. You pay a pro-rata amount of your monthly fee in advance for your initial startup activities, and on the first of each month thereafter.

Where can I view my monthly usage history?

Your account page within the eStation Dashboard displays Video Delivery, Video Encoding and Video File Storage on a daily basis.